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Ag Co-ops Governance Code

2014-04-03 00:40:18

Co-operative Principles Guidance

Co-operative Principles Guidance

2014-03-30 12:30:55

Co-op Governance Report

2014-03-23 11:28:28

Mutuality Minister

2014-03-20 10:50:46

Lessons for Australia's large...

2014-03-15 01:33:48

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Parliament House Launch of IYC 2012

Parliament House Launch of IYC 2012

2011-10-14 06:03:29

IYC Conference - Co-op ThrowUp

IYC Conference - Co-op ThrowUp

2012-10-27 03:16:18

IYC Conference - Co-op Democracy

IYC Conference - Co-op Democracy

2012-10-28 01:48:18

It Started with Apples

It Started with Apples

2011-10-02 13:01:41

Co-operatives in the Fourth Sector

Co-operatives in the Fourth Sector

2012-12-04 23:28:36

Australia's Third List of Top Co-operatives, credit Unions and Mutuals

Australia's Third List of Top...

2011-11-14 03:59:10

Small Co-operatives Financial Reporting Obligations

Small Co-operatives Financial Reporting...

2011-11-13 02:20:41

Co-operative Democracy

Co-operative Democracy

2011-10-02 13:21:04

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This web site is maintained by Co-operatives Victoria.

Until 9 August 2013 Co-operatives Australia  was responsible for the site. Co-operatives Australia was  the national body for State Co-operative Federations. It was an unincorporated body with membership by the State Co-operative Federations of New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria.

n 1944 the Co-operative Federation of Australia was formed.

In 1993 a National Co-operatives Council was formed and in 1995 it was decided to establish the Co-operatives Council of Australia and in subsequent years the Council lobbied against and defeated legislation in the Australian Senate to remove a tax concession for co-operatives, supported the establishment of the Australian Centre for Co-operative Research and Development (ACCORD) in New South Wales and supported  progress towards nationally consistent co-operaqtive legislation.

The first meeting of Co-operatives Australia was held on 5 August 1993 in Adelaide, South Australia. It was then known as the National Co-operatives Council. Its formation followed the National Co-operative Congress in May 1993 in Sydney, New South Wales. The inaugural attendees at the Council were Don Kinnersley and Jordan Rigby (NSW), David Osgood and Malcolm Drew (SA), Tony Gill (Victoria), Frank O'Connor (WA), Jim McCall (ACDL), Tim Dyce (Asia Pacific) and Garry Cronan (NSW Registry).

At a meeting on 5 April 1995 in Perth, Western Australia, the name was changed from National Co-operative Council to Co-operative Council of Australia.
Between 2001 and 2006 the Council was inactive.

In 2008 it was decided to reactivate as Co-operatives Australia.
On 9 August 2013 a meeting of State Federations decided to abandon meetings under the umbrella of Co-operatives Australia and, instead, support the newly established Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals.

Global News Hub

global news hub icaThe Global News Hub has been created by the Co-operative Press Ltd with the help of the Inter Press Service News Agency (IPS News). The web site hosts text, pictures and video content. You can also subscribe to a mailing list.. [ more detail ]

Co-operative College

collegelogoThe UK Co-operative College is dedicated to the promotion of co-operative values, ideas and principles. It was established in 1919. In the UK the Co-operative College is developing new models to run schools as co-operatives.  [ more detail ]

IYC Australia 2012

iyc-logo australia_hyphenVisit the Australian  International Year of Co-operatives 2012 web site - established by the Australian IYC 2012 National Steering Committee. Visit the site for Australian activities and resources for the International Year of Co-operatives in Australia.  [ more detail ]